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Published: 9th August 2015

BSA Chairman Meets with Kate Osamor

Last week Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, was visited by the Labour MP for Edmonton, Kate Osamor, who visited members of the Mixamate team out on site and sat down to discuss the proposed Government legislative changes affecting the entire Batched on Site industry.  

In addition to being Managing Director of Mixamate, Chris is also the Chairman of the Batched on Site Association (BSA), which was set up in 2007 to help protect the interests of Volumetric operators and maintain industry standards. The Association recently warned that up to 3,150 jobs could be lost in the UK Construction sector if new Government legislation is introduced. The sector accounts for approximately 10% of the 21.7m m3 wet concrete market in the UK, and is worth an annual £210m to the UK economy.

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The BSA recently wrote to the new Minister for Transport, Andrew Jones, who has responded by setting up a meeting with the organisation in September. The Association has voiced its concerns over certain aspects of the proposed changes and continues to work closely with Government bodies and other Associations to help ensure that the best interests of the entire industry are maintained.