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Published: 10th August 2015

BSA Featured in Quarry Management Magazine

Batched on Site Association Chairman and Mixamate Managing Director, Chris Smith, spoke to Quarry Management Magazine this month, about the proposed weight limit that the UK Government is considering imposing on Volumetric machines. 

The proposed changes come as part of wider industry legislation governing the mobile batching plant sector, for which the Batched on Site Association acts as a self-regulatory body working in close communication with Government to maintain the interests of, and promote high standards within, the batched on site sector.
As Chairman of the Batched on Site Association, Chris has been keen to point out the industry impacts that lowering the weight limit of these unique set of vehicles could have, particularly on industry employment and productivity:
“The BSA works in close consultation with the Department for Transport to improve the safety, service and environmental footprint of the sector. However, we have serious concerns about the Government’s current consideration to reduce the operating weight of these machines to 32 tonnes. This would significantly reduce the capabilities to the point of putting the majority of operators out of business, threatening a £210m sector of the UK economy that has grown even in-spite of the recession, and currently accounts for an estimated 3,150 jobs.”
Last month Chris met to discuss the issue with local MP, Kate Osamor, who visited the Mixamate offices. The BSA recently wrote to the new Minister for Transport, Andrew Jones, who has responded by setting up a meeting with the organisation in September.

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