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Published: 7th December 2018

BSA Members Update, December 2018

On 12 November 2018, members of the committee and advisor, Mark Kerr, met with Department for Transport officials, Duncan Price and Francis Jackson, in London.


The BSA has now received the written representations of the MPA, RHA and SMMT sent to the DfT with regards to the consultation in December 2017.  They were requested in the meeting and afterwards in writing by the BSA.  Copies are available to members on request – email jid@dynesolicitor.co.uk for a copy.


The BSA also wrote to the DfT setting out reasons why the December 2018 deadline for obtaining a VSO for newly registered should be extended.  The BSA successfully persuaded the DfT to extend this deadline to the end April 2019Members are advised to speak to the manufacturers for more information or a copy of the DfT letter can be obtained on request - email jid@dynesolicitor.co.uk for a copy.


In terms of obtaining a permanent arrangement, the BSA was advised both by its own advisors and the DfT that, in part due to the issues surrounding Brexit, there was little political will to alter this decision at the current time.  In light of this, the BSA intends putting its campaign on hold until later in 2019.


Next Steps

  • The BSA intends going back to the DfT in late 2019, when we have verifiable data on the impact on the sector and the Brexit situation is hopefully satisfied and trying to persuade the Minister of the requirement of a permanent solution.


We would also like to take this opportunity to wish all members a merry Christmas and we hope you all have a prosperous New Year!


The BSA Committee