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Published: 20th December 2013

BSA Releases Updated Code of Practice Manual

London UK, Friday 13 December 2013: The Batched on Site Association (BSA) – the trade association for the Mobile Batching Plant (MBP) industry – today released an updated edition of its Code of Practice Manual, aimed at increasing safety standards throughout the batched-on-site industry.

With 500+ vehicles on the road, the batched-on-site sector accounts for 25% of the total concrete batching plant industry in the UK. The Batched on Site Association (BSA) was set-up in 2007 to help the MBP industry regulate the operation of these vehicles.
Safety Enhancements
The update follows the Association’s AGM earlier this month, where the BSA Committee and its wider membership passed a motion to amend the current documentation. The updated edition of the BSA Code of Practice Manual has been specifically designed to increase the safety standards within the industry.
With an increasing number of cyclists on Britain’s roads, particularly in London, the key change to the code of practice is the mandatory introduction of Under-Run bars to all Mobile Batching Plant vehicles, in-line with the current legislation for Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs). These crucial safety additions are designed to protect cyclists and other road users from coming into contact with vehicle wheels in the eventuality of an accident.
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Official Comment
BSA Chairman and Managing Director of Mixamate, Chris Smith, said: “On behalf of the entire Batched on Site Association, I am pleased to release the new and updated BSA Code of Practice. Since 2007, we have sought to regulate and represent the activities of the owners and operators of mobile batching plants. The new update to the Code of Practice has been specifically designed to bring the sector’s safety guidance up to date in light of the increasing number of cyclists on our roads, who need to be protected.”

The BSA meets on a quarterly basis to discuss the key points of the industry.
About the Batched on Site Association
The BSA was established in 2007 with the objective of representing the interests of operators of Mobile Batching Plants (MBP). This characteristic distinguishes the MBP from drum-mixer heavy goods vehicles that haul pre-mixed product from the batching plants to points of delivery. The Batched on Site Association is committed to promoting high industry standards and providing the latest information within the UK Mobile Batching Plant sector, and you can view our latest newsletters, information, and technical documents on the resources section of our site.