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Published: 7th July 2014

BSA Shows Strong Presence at the UK Concrete Show

How many Volumetric Drivers does it take to man the BSA stand at the UK Concrete Show?  Not many if you have DSL as your secretariat!

It’s an important time for volumetric operators at the moment with possible changes to testing, plating, and the possibility of coming within the Operator’s Licence regime, so DSL was happy to assist with the members by attending and speaking to potential new members.  The more members the BSA has the more influence it will have over the proposed consultations due to take place this year.

The event took place on the 27th and 28th February at the NEC.  Over the 2 days the team from DSL enjoyed talking to those involved in all aspects of concrete and in particular hearing the concerns of those involved with volumetrics.  The consensus among owners and manufacturers appeared to be that testing would be a good thing for the volumetric industry as most consider safety as paramount, with a large number of owners already regularly checking and servicing their volumetrics; some even have their vehicles tested regularly.

uk concrete show

 The main concern appeared to be whether there would be limits on weight.  Given that the vehicles are already heavy machines, a 32-tonne limit would mean that volumetric trucks would not be able to carry the necessary materials to make the concrete and as such, would spell an end to many in the volumetric business.   The BSA is looking to lobby parliament on behalf of volumetric owners so that any changes in legislation mean that the industry is still able to carry on.

Jared Dunbar commented “There are about 700 volumetric trucks in the country and if MOT testing is brought in without consideration of the 32 limit on weight then this would put many companies out of business.  It would also mean that the expensive machines they had invested money in would become worthless overnight.  We can’t allow this to happen and therefore it is imperative that DSL support the BSA in their fight to move to a safe but workable position.”   Jared Dunbar was also a key speaker on a panel discussion examining the growth of the use of volumetric trucks in the UK.