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Published: 21st February 2016

Easymix Concrete displays credentials at British Museum

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Batched on Site member, Easymix Concrete Ltd., recently completed a job at the British Museum in Holborn, London.

The unique pour was to install poured footings with anti-terrorist bollards mounted in concrete into the area surrounding the building. The permanent bollards were positioned in front of the main entrance to the Museum, and are designed to introduce an extra layer of security for those in attendance on a daily basis.

The whole job required 16 cubic metres of concrete and took 2 machines to complete it. The work was carried out early in the morning with a 5am start to avoid the heavy London traffic. The machines remained static on-site while the materials were administered, again highlighting the unique flexibility of Mobile Batching Plants to deliver materials directly on site from truck to trench.

The bollards will ensure greater safety for all visitors to the Museum in a time of heightened security in the UK due to terrorist threats. The entire job was carried out with minimum disruption to the museum and its visitors, ensuring materials could be administered easily in and out.