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Published: 4th November 2015

The importance of mobile batching plants

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With the winter weather upon is, it’s worth remembering the damage and danger caused last year by sinkholes, as well as the crucial part that Mobile Batching Plants play in repairing them quickly and safely.

Already this year a huge sinkhole has opened up in St. Albans in the South East of the country, as reported last month by the BBC. The 20m diameter hole spread across driveways and left 50 homes without power. To tackle this emergency job the local council called upon the special capabilities of volumetric mixers, who pumped around 520 cubic metres of quick drying concrete into the hole immediately to repair the street.

This sort of emergency work can only be tackled so swiftly and efficiently by volumetric machines, due to their nimble chassis’, flexible working style, and their ability to mix and deliver materials such as concrete directly from truck to trench. In this instance, the Easymix machines were able to arrive on the scene quickly and repair work was safely carried out.

It’s another good example of the good work done by Mobile Batching plants on UK roads, especially where turnaround time needs to be fast and flexible. Without this type of technology, the risk is that this sort of emergency work will be much more expensive for Council Tax payers, or even worse conducted in a way that is less safe or effective.

It’s worth remembering the unique part that this machinery plays in the construction ecosystem and the importance of maintaining its presence on UK sites.